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Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope or simply Star Wars as it was known back in the day was a film I had great nostalgia for and watched countless times as I grew up sadly as I grew up I developed acute hearing and eagle vision and began to notice more of the technical imperfections and the more infamous Special Edition changes certainly didn’t help my growing perception of the film but than after I saw your edit I was blown away.

The continuity remains on course and the sound presence and volume remains stable and consistent throughout with the new and repaired special effects feeling a lot more natural and timeless as the best aspects of the original edition and special edition are masterfully blended and enhanced to create a refreshingly new yet nostalgic experience, those of the younger generation will probably enjoy this edit for it’s more updated look and sound quality.

Well those of the older generation will probably enjoy this edit for bringing back certain narrative and technical aspects of the original that had been lost or tarnished by the accursed special edition but best of all Chewie gets a medal and Han shoots first you sir have truly brought balance to the force and have given me a reason to no longer be bothered by any of the technical imperfections for none now reside, now I can just sit back grab some beverages and happily and repeatedly enjoy the conception of this epic saga.

Well done Adywan here is your medal and May The Force Be With You.

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