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Three-in-one edits are some of the more interesting projects to come across on this site. They require much more creativity and careful choices to make the edit work. I also appreciate Star Wars edits that dare to forego a traditional title crawl. As someone who's seen every Star Wars movie an exhaustive amount of times, and plenty of edits as well, I found this edit a pretty fresh take.

The main strength of this edit is in the Japanese language track, which INLUCENT utilizes to manipulate the subtitles and take more comprehensive control of dialogue and story. In small ways, this approach offers some great dialogue rewrites (Kylo's speech to his Vader altar for instance), and in broader ways allows for more flexibility in scene selection and story direction. It felt like watching a Star Wars themed samurai film or an anime. Very fun.

From a narrative standpoint, it was very interesting to watch. Integrating footage of Exegol during Snoke's throne room scene was a great way to transition to the third act 'big bad' that felt far less abrupt than Palpatine's introduction in Rise of Skywalker. I felt some previous context for Palpatine's would've sold it a bit more, but nevertheless it was a solid editing choice to marry the two films.

From a technical standpoint it's all pretty solid. I only noticed a minor audio edit or two as being a bit abrupt (music fadeouts/transitions are always difficult), but I didn't really notice many technical flaws throughout.

If I had some constructive comments about the narrative, I think there could have been a bit more pretense for certain scenes (Rey and Kylo's force-talk felt a bit out of the blue for instance). I thought The Force Awakens as a prologue was perfectly serviceable to the goal of the edit, but could easily have been expanded a bit, maybe to help explain later aspects of the film earlier.

Overall, speaking as someone who hasn't seen a Star Wars edit in quite awhile out of pure fatigue, this one stood out as worth checking out.
Owner's reply September 02, 2022

Wow, thanks for watching and for this awesome review! Yes, I agree some aspects of the narrative may feel like they appear without much warning (Rey and Kylo's connection through the force, how characters got from one planet to another, etc) or didn't get the time they deserve to flesh things out. While I really did consider all the footage in each of the sequel trilogy movies, I felt that in order to focus on a story about Rey, Kylo and Luke, I had to make choices that really concentrated on a limited amount of footage; I can see how this focus may have come at the expense of some narrative clarity.

And I tried to be very careful with editing the audio, but next time I watch, I'll try and keep an ear out for any rough audio transitions for a potential minor update in the future.

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