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This edit is pretty awesome, I laughed pretty hard when phantom menace ended in 20 minutes (you must hate that movie) and I liked the removal of anything related to General Grievous (it worked shockingly well). The video quality was OK but I can't really tell because I watched an MP4 on my phone so I'll leave that at 8.

Visual Editing:

Pretty good all around except for a few very noticeable cuts, in the mustafar battle, Anakin and Obi-Wan do this extremely cheesy thing where they hold hands but then a second later they aren't anymore, the whole thing needs to be cut because it takes you out of the experience for a few moments. Later in that battle the end of it could have worked but it was edited roughly and is very obvious (also, there's never land at the bottom of a water/lava fall).

Audio Editing:

Pretty rough all around, battles were an absolute mess for the most part, music was freaking out and changing/rearranging all over the place and really drove me nuts! This might be one of your first edits but PLEASE fix this. It still passes though because the dialogue isn't shredded up. (although cutting mention of general grievous was a little awkward)


Works pretty well, mainly about obi-wan but sometimes cuts to anakin randomly, nothing terrible here (cutting clones actually makes a continuity error with the original trilogy jus' sayin')

Over all, I enjoyed it, it wasn't bad, has some unique cuts and is worth you while if you're on a Star Wars craze but nothing INSANE here.

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