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This is a great edit. A bigger recut was needed just as an experiment if it could work or not and this looks like it very much can!

It condenses Sidious' plot of befriending a Jedi of great potential and overthrowing the Republic. By showing less and focusing on the manipulation, Anakin's turn to the darkside feels more realistic.

Thoughts from watching:

Changes Not Noticed in Other Fan Edits:

No clone troopers - This is the biggest and best new edit that I haven't heard of being done before. An "army of the republic" could field a view battalions from people from Coruscant just fine. Since they aren't involved in the fight on Geonosis, their can be a time gap from after it is declared and they are organized and deployed.

No Kamino - Human clones were always a bad idea. Call the droids "clones" (since they are mass produced) and be done with it.

No Naboo return - Good to skip most of this but maybe keep some dialogue about Anakin's home and keep the reason why they leave and go to Tatooine (forget what it was from actual Ep 2).

No General Grievous - great to get rid of that goofy CGI waste of time.

Didn't notice a Padme death dream - Made his desire to protect Padme a little more out of the blue, but he does reference that he doesn't want her to die like his Mom which adds a bit more sense. Maybe if he talked more about his home and Mother the connection would be more clear.

Ending fight cut was great idea - maybe slow down the drop of the pier, it looks like too far of a jump if it is too far over the lavafall. Maybe a quick establishing shot of Obi wan looking from the shore. It was a little jarring at first.

Great end on Vader

Great Changes in this Fan Edit Noticed in other Fan Edits:
No yoda saber usage - great
No Promised One Prophecy

Great Changes in Other Fan Edits but not in This One (and should be):
Make Federation leaders look less stupid in Ep 1
No Rex Dinner
No Youngling scenes or references / No killing Jedi kids (make Jedi's not a creepy cult) (HAL 9000)
No Stupid conveyor belt scene (HAL 9000)
Palapatine evil face reveal instead of scaring (HAL 9000)
Padme doesn't die at the end but becomes Traumatized (HAL 9000), this fits better as Anakin's motives are more political and lines up with OT continuity as Leia remembers her mom.

Great Changes in Other Fan Edits but not in This One (and maybe should be):
No Anakin loses saber
Dooku revealed earlier in Ep2 (who is this "Dooku" people are talking about problem)
No "Tyranus", just Dooku

Changes Recommended that may not be in other Edits:

No Jedi super speed on board ship (they can't use it later during Maul fight)

Cut "only a Sith deals in absolutes", self contradictory statement, Jedi should be smarter.

Enlisted soldiers killing Jedi? - works if a select group of dark side disciples assigned to escort the Jedi but thousands attacking the temple right away is less believable.

Just show Vader marching into temple. Cut mass combat in the temple, Anakin killing kids, and Organa landing at temple.

A large force surrounding the temple and arresting Jedi would make the News pretty fast. You can assume most of the army force attacking the temple believe they are there to secure the site and arrest the Jedi (who are secretly executed later). But Anakin is there killing any Jedi that resist. Since many Jedi are off world, including their leadership, they are vulnerable.

Maybe cut mention of "see smoke from here".

Love Story with Padme:

Cut the "I love you" out of nowhere in Ep2 before arena - just keep the hug at the end of Ep2

Cut marriage at end of Ep2. With the same Anakin hair it appears like it happens right away. Just start relationship after Ep 3 and it is more obvious a few years have past and we can assume their relationship started in Ep 2 but they didn't get married the next day.

Queen to Senator Padmé Amidala Solution

Make Padme a military Lieutenant in Ep 1, who enters politics by the time of Ep 2.

Cut "queen Adamala" from Gunray on ship - start with "hello your highness"
Cut Sidious hologram saying "queen Amadala" - start with "will we find controlling her will not be difficult"

Cut out "your highness" when referencing her in the strategy planning section. Portman first appears in field explaining the attack plan. "your highness" is used twice here.

Cut reference to "time to sign treaty you highness." Just say "your little insurrection has come to an end". Cut "this one is a decoy"

Those are the only 5-6 times she is referenced as royalty in the edit, fix those and it will be as if Naboo has a child queen and a different elected senator, which actually makes sense.

You could even add to the opening text crawl that says "Before Adamala entered the Senate..."

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