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(Updated: April 29, 2014)
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I watched the 720p MP4 version of this edit and the quality of this file suggests to me that the Blu-Ray version thats available would probably be on par with the official release, I just didn't have the bandwidth to spare.

The visual and audio edits are mostly seamless. The only edits that are obvious are the joining of TPM to AOTC and then to ROTS.

Narrative wise I would not suggest this to a first-time viewer. It feels more like a "TV to Movie" edit that cuts out all the filler (filler that is sometimes necessary for character development) and gives the viewer the overall plot in a condensed form.
What this edit REALLY exceeds at is highlighting how much of the prequel movies is completely unimportant. There are no Gungans (except for Jar Jar), no Kamino subplot and it really doesn't doesn't affect the overall story arc. It works for the better!

I would suggest this edit to someone who wants to rewatch the prequels at a quicker and more serious pace but I probably wouldn't recommend it as someone's first experience of the prequels.

I certainly enjoyed it more than the actual films... Haha... Keep up the good work HanShotFirst!!
I look forward to your next project!

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Owner's reply April 29, 2014

Thanks so much for the review. I also agree that there are a couple of transitions that are not completely smooth. Perhaps I will try to improve them in the future with an updated version when I have some more editing experience under my belt. As far as the character development I don't know if added any footage back in would help. Anakin's character is so whiny that it just makes the viewer hate him, Padme is boring, and the scenes of them supposedly falling in love on Naboo just make me less likely to believe their relationship. I appreciate you giving your honest opinions on the edit and agree with most of them, except maybe the "feels like a tv movie" part.

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