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(Updated: December 12, 2016)
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This is by far the best edit you have made for this series, but I think the two arcs you have chosen really helped. The first Mandalore and Geonosis arcs are some of the, if not the, best arcs from the first two seasons of the show and you've masterfully bridged them together.

I've really enjoyed all of your movies and this one is no exception, you've made the definitive way to watch this series. You've highligthed all the great things about this show we all love and gotten rid of all the annoying aspects. The series felt like Star Wars before but now it IS Star Wars.

I do have a few, very minor, criticisms. I feel like there are some transitions where you forgot to put in a wipe, but that may be intentional but it's still noticeable. There are quite a few jarring music ques that come in abruptly or end abruptly, it does not deter from the overall quality of the edit but it did catch me off guard the first time.

Other than that this edit is nearly perfect. I can not wait until Episode V.

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