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Star Wars: The Clone Wars tells a universal story of war between good and evil, and in that turmoil the daunting challenge to not become that-which-you-fight in Anakin's efforts to stop the Dark Side. A scope that cries out for feature-length presentation on the big-screen.

The storytelling gap between Star Wars Episodes II and III is big enough to fly a Star Destroyer through, the Corellian type. Clone Wars fills that gap.

Smudger9's selection of story-arcs remains outstanding. These are the gems of the series, even if they aren't always easy to integrate. It might be easier to integrate one or two filler stories with one strong story, but then Smudger9 would be making Clone Wars movies for many years. So thumbs up for sticking with the most important narrative, even if that means storylines in an edit can feel like twin suns vying equally for attention.

If you haven't the time to watch the feature film plus 6 seasons, settle in with Smudger9's movies instead.
If you want to find out why (and how) the clones turned on the Jedi, insert these Clone War stories in your Star Wars movie line-up.
If you enjoy animated Star Wars and are sad that Rebels is ending, watch Smudger9's Clone Wars.

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