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(Updated: January 27, 2017)
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Smudger's Clone Wars fanedits are probably the most enjoyable fanedits all around I've seen so far. I've watched the first two parts and this 3rd part continues strong. However I don't personally think it's as good as the first two are.

The first part (Ryloth) is nearly perfect. I've always enjoyed the grand battles in Clone Wars and it's amazing how well they're done. Pacing, dialogue and the edit overall is very good. However after the strong start the Bane story starts to cut in and takes over for the latter part of the fanedit. The story is good, Bane is a great character and all but I felt exhausted towards the end. I feel the Bane story could have worked better as a separate fanedit or at least needed a bit of trimming.

Smudger has been doing good job editing out childish/stupid dialogue and character and the trend continues strong in this one as well. However there are some lines I personally would have edited out. For example at 00:08:02 when the admiral says "It's too late" and Anakin yells "Run for iiit!". The latter part feels a bit too childish for me. But then again the whole Clone Wars has full of those upbeat liners :)

There are some very small nitpicks about the video and audio. The scene transitions were quite good in this one. Only once or twice I felt the image cut too fast or in the wrong time. HD video quality and file size are great. So often the HD fanedits are too low in quality.

The audio somehow seems to lag a bit in the .m4v version at least, some ~100ms to be more precise. It's the same in the previous fanedits too. It may not be the same for everyone as people have different video players. It's all ok though as I'm used to shift the audio in my player. This really is a very small nitpick as it's barely noticeable.

Overall I'm very happy of smudger9's Clone Wars fanedits. They are so good and I wish that all Star Wars fans who didn't like Clone Wars initially could see these. They really make already a great series even better.

In a nutshell Episode III: Children of the Force was a lot of fun but a bit overwhelming experience due to its length and extensive Bane story arc.

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