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(Updated: September 10, 2012)
Review by white43 — March 28, 2009 @ 4:08 am

“I have to date watched at least 4 edits of the PM. None of them ever seemed to come up to scratch – none of them simply went far enough. We all know the issues, but does Jason’s version finally achieve this?
Well, I can say – The Force is strong with this one!
Jason pretty much made public what he was doing with the film, so I knew what to expect somewhat.

Audio and Audio Edit
Sound was good, I detected no problems. Nice and clear. The audio edits were largely seemless.

Video and Video Edit
No issues. Nice clear pictures.

A couple times I did note what seemed to be a quick edits, but then, I’m looking for them and I know the film. They were however minor and didn’t bring me out of the film. The reviewer above states where a couple are.

I noted an error in a Watto subtitle. It’s where he’s telling Anakin and Padme that Qui-Gonn shouldn’t keep betting “I’ll being owning him soon.”

The edit.

- Blacking out Sidious and deepening the voice is excellent. Makes him feel like a separate character. Jar Jar has been hacked down to an absolute minimum, I barely noticed him in this edit. He no longer irritates. Anakin is trimmed down and although he’s still fairly annoying, all his yippies and whoops are gone…bar one at the end of the battle……do we really need it?
- No underwater fish attacks, no podrace commentary, removal of most of Sebulba – excellent. Not missed and works very well.
- Boss, no ticks.
- Droids – no voices. This is very effective.
- Anakin deliberately piloting the ship, that has always been a good idea.

Stuff not so good….
- Captain Obvious still says too many things.
- A scene which I’ve never liked is when they all leave Tattooine. Anakin being cold, “I made this for you.”, “I don’t need this to remember you.” “I’ll always care for you…” etc etc. My god she’s only just met the kid. It turns out they care about each other so much he doesn’t see her for 10 years.
- Big celebration at the end! I thought you’d kill that one. It’s a horrible scene.

The pace of this film is spot on and it’s the first time I’ve watched TPM without it seeming to drag ass. I enjoyed this edit more than any other edit I’ve seen of the film. It felt liberating not to see all the crap that’s usually in it and actually enjoy it!

Tommy two thumbs up from me 9/10 (For the few technical errors and the reasons above)”
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