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Octoroxx has previously produced my personal favorite Phantom Menace fanedit. By combining great ideas from past faneditors, they had found what for me was Goldilocks's choice. In fact, I had been in the process of doing the same thing myself when I heard of their Faster, More Intense and learned that someone else had already done the work for me. So I was quite excited to see what they had accomplished with Episode II.

Overall, I'd say this edit lives up to its predecessor. It looks and sounds great except for a couple places. The love montage is a fantastic idea and finally gets rid of that cg fruit bite nightmare, but the music transition to the lake at night is noticeably harsh. The Battle of Geonosis seemed to lack a bit of umph musically in a few spots as well.

It's hard to say if this one will push out my current favorite Episode II edit, L8wrtr's The Republic Divided, but it's definitely up there. Great work, octoroxx.

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