Star Wars: Attack of the Clones 'Sanded Down'

Star Wars: Attack of the Clones 'Sanded Down'

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Star Wars: Attack of the Clones 'Sanded Down'
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Brief Synopsis:
This edit takes many popular fan edits of Attack of The Clones and combines their best ideas with my own to create one "ultimate cut" of the film. It's mostly the same story you remember but streamlined: with more believable character interactions and a quicker, lighter pace.
Like The Phantom Menace, it's sequel is one of the most fanedited films of all time, but also like The Phantom Menace, no one fanedit has ever fully satisfied me. In particular, I don't think any edit has quite nailed the film's pacing or created a version of the romance arc that fully tracks with me. I feel they all have their strengths and weaknesses, so I set out to make a cut that combined my own ideas with curated edits from various fan cuts to match my vision for the film.
Additional Notes:
There are two ways in which I hope this fanedit stands out from similar edits of Attack of The Clones: The pacing, and the romance arc. In cutting out or shortening so many scenes, I paid careful attention to the amount of time we spend with Anakin and Obi-Wan's respective plotlines before cutting away to the other's story. I found that in many other edits, we'd only get a minute or less with one of the characters before cutting away to the other. This gave these edits a feeling of whiplash that I'm not sure was intentional. I got around this by sometimes stitching together multiple scenes following the same character to create a short arc before checking in with the other Jedi. As for the romance, I tried to find a happy medium between the aggressive cutting seen in some edits and the lax approach seen in others. I wanted to come the closest I could to a believable arc for these characters, which meant I had to cut as much of Anakin being a creep as possible, but there also needed to be enough development and progression on screen in order to buy a marriage at the end of the film. Needless to say, it wasn't easy, and I relied on a few unorthodox editing tricks that I haven't seen in other edits of this film.
Other Sources:
While some of the non-original cuts were recreated by myself, I confess that most of them were cribbed directly from the source material: the original fanedits (with permission)

Fanedits and other sources used include:
- Hal9000’s 'The Approaching Storm' (primary source)
- l8wrtr’s 'The Republic Divided'
- The Phantom Editor's 'Attack of the Phantom' (audio only)
- kk650's 'Attack of The Clones Regraded' and 'Revenge of the Sith Regraded'
- Tusken Raider sound effects from 'starwarssoundeffects' on YouTube
- Lucasfilm Ltd. logo treatment from Lucasfilm's official YouTube channel
Special Thanks:
Hal9000, l8wrtr, Mike Nichols (The Phantom Editor), kk650, MalàStrana, TM2YC, George Lucas, Lucasfilm and Disney
Release Information
Editing Details:
I've put an emphasis on matching the professionalism of the original edits I used as sources and wanted to make the film a suitable replacement for someone who has never seen Attack of the Clones before. While I tried to improve the storytelling and characterization through editing, I did strive to keep everything relatively 'canonical' so you can watch other Star Wars media like The Clone Wars without skipping a beat. The toughest call was probably the Death Star plans sequence. While it does tie directly into Rebels, it has no real context or reason for being in this film. I ultimately decided to cut it for story flow and pacing reasons, but other references like 'Darth Tyranus' remain.
Cuts and Additions:
(1) Hal9000 change
(2) L8wrtr change
(3) Phantom Editor change
(4) Original change

I’ve credited changes to Hal if they existed in his edit, even if they appeared in other edits first, since I used his edit as the primary video source for this project. Not all scenes that were "moved" are listed here. A lot of them are, but the story still progresses in the same sequence.

- Replaced opening Logos and Fox Fanfare with “Force Awakens” style Lucasfilm Logo cold open. (4)
- New title crawl adapted from Hal9000’s to better define the political plot. (4)
- Camera pans down, rather than up, after the crawl, to maintain continuity with the other six films. (1)
- Removed Captain Typho’s lines before the ship blows up. (1)
- Trimmed Corde’s death. (1)
- Added deleted scene where Padme addresses the Senate. This establishes some context for the political content of this film, as well as Padme's post-Queen character. (1)
- Trimmed the scene in Palptaine’s office to remove unhelpful dialogue. (1)
- Further trimmed the conversation between Padme and Palpatine to remove other characters butting in. (3)
- Trimmed Obi-Wan’s forced laugh in the elevator, but kept the friendly exchange. (4)
- Jar Jar's introduction is removed, cutting from Obi-Wan and Anakin in the elevator to Padme greeting them. (1)
- Anakin’s inappropriate compliments are trimmed liberally in favor of making it a relatable awkward moment for him (2)
- In the interest of downplaying Obi-Wan and Anakin's antagonism, their discussion about their roles in front of Padme is trimmed to get to the point. (1)
- Further trimmed Obi-Wan telling Anakin that he needs to “learn his place”. (4)
- Anakin’s angsty conversation with JarJar is trimmed. (1)
- Removed Jango talking to Zam, to save his reveal for later and remove redundancy. (1)
- Removed scene where Obi-Wan and Anakin merely bicker. (1)
- Cut Anakin’s description of being around Padme as “intoxicating”. (2)
- Tightened Padme’s reaction to Anakin slicing the poison slugs. (1)
- Tightened up the speeder chase to remove overly dumb moments, dialogue, and physics. (1)
- Further tightened the chase by incorporating some (but not all) of L8wrtr’s cuts. (2)
- Anakin doesn't lose his lightsaber, and Obi-Wan doesn't lecture him about it. (1)
- Shortened awkward Katie Lucas cameo. She still appears in another shot in the bar. (2)
- Trimmed the transition from the bar to the back alley. (1)
- Lovingly borrowed audio from The Phantom Editor's version to alter Zam's dying words to, "Kamino system…" (3)
- Cut Windu's instructions to Anakin. It's more effective characterization if Anakin decides to talk to Palpatine himself. (1)
- Jar Jar is not depicted as openly incompetent. Removed his awkward acceptance of his new duties. (1)
- Removed Anakin complaining about Obi-Wan to Padme. Padme consoles him, and they acknowledge that Anakin has grown up. Padme's only initial barrier to him has been dissolved. (1)
- Cut line “It’s not me m’lady, I’m worried about you”. It sounded to me like Natalie Portman said “I’ll be fine” to begin with, making the response nonsensical. (4)
- Removed Dex's Diner sequence and “Yoda and the younglings” sequence. (1)
- Anakin doesn't mention attachment being forbidden. It was an awkward delivery. (1)
- Anakin no longer says “You’re exactly the way I remember you in my dreams”. (4)
- Added deleted scene where Obi-Wan and Mace talk on the landing platform, with minor trims. It replaces a similar scene in the theatrical cut, but is shifted to a different point in the narrative. (1)
- Used extended arrival scene on Naboo. (1)
- Added further trims to this scene to remove “romance novel” dialogue but keep the character background information. (4)
- This transitions to the scene in the Throne Room with the new queen, which is significantly trimmed to remove awkward dialogue and all of Anakin and Padme’s antagonism. (4)
- Removed Kaminoan prime minister listing numbers of clone units. It lessens the power of their reveal in a few scenes. (1)
- Added first deleted scene of Padme with her family. (1)
- Trimmed this scene to remove some of the hokey dialogue. (2)
- Boba Fett is not described as being a clone. He probably still is a clone, but the pacing is off when the movie pauses to talk about him when nobody asked. (1)
- Removed Anakin’s attempt to woo Padme with fascism. (4)
- Added a brand new “love montage” sequence that shows the two chatting over dinner without dialogue, and transitions into a moonlight kiss. This replaces the “cow-tick riding” scene. (4)
- Removed fireplace scene. (1)
- Trimmed Boba’s “Yip!”. (4)
- Added a new Audio-only dream sequence featuring audio of Anakin’s mom screaming and Tusken sounds. (4)
- When Anakin wakes up, Padme is lying in bed next to him. (4)
- Slightly trimmed dialogue when Anakin tells Padme he’s going to find his mother. (2)
- When Obi-Wan reports to Yoda and Windu, removed Windu's perspective-less question about the assassination attempt. (1)
- Removed dialogue about the Jedi not being able to use the force due to the dark side clouding everything. (1)
- Heavily cut down fight in the rain to a brief encounter. (2)
- Trimmed Watto’s dialogue about Anakin helping him with some “deadbeats”. (2)
- Tightened up the Asteroid chase and removed some of the childish Boba moments. (2)
- Removed Threepio recognizing Anakin as "the maker." (1)
- Trimmed “I guess that makes us step brothers”. (2)
- Trimmed Cliegg Lars' dialogue that goes over the top to characterize him as a good guy. (1)
- Very subtly trimmed Anakin’s exchange with his dying mother. (4)
- Removed scene where Yoda senses Anakin's pain. (1)
- Nute Gunray no longer wants Padme’s head “on his desk”. (3)
- Trimmed goofy aliens pledging allegiance to the Count. (1)
- Removed “I killed them all” scene. (1)
- Removed Cliegg’s eulogy. (3)
- Trimmed Anakin’s eulogy. (3)
- Trimmed Padme’s incredulous reaction to R2 (4)
- Obi-Wan identifies Count Dooku as the mastermind of the assassination attempt, rather than Nute Gunray. Otherwise Windu’s mention of “dealing with Count Dooku” seems like a logical leap. (1)
- Trimmed Anakin’s whining about having to follow Mace Windu’s orders. Padme now cuts him off. (4)
- Trimmed dialogue as Palpatine and company discuss what to do. (1)
- Slightly trimmed chat between Dooku and Obi-Wan, including Obi-Wan’s mention of Jango Fett. I don’t think Obi-Wan should want to reveal what he knows to someone he doesn’t trust. (4)
- Trimmed Anakin’s “I’ve learned to stop arguing with you” because it no longer really makes sense in the context of the film. Also cut down droids dialogue before exiting onto the surface of Geonosis. (4)
- Threepio and Artoo stay on the ship and do not make their way into the battle. (1)
- Added a deleted scene on Geonosis to replace the indescribable droid factory action sequence. (1)
- Jar Jar doesn't fumble his words as he proposes giving Palpatine emergency powers. He also doesn't seem caught by surprise when his colleagues applaud him. He appears more competent. (1)
- Yoda doesn’t telegraph to the audience where he’s going in the Senate chamber. (1)
- Trimmed love confession scene to remove Anakin's surprised reaction, because they had not decided not to get together. (1)
- Also removed “I’ve been dying a little bit each day” line. (4)
- trimmed Gladiator sequence to tighten the action and remove corny dialogue. (2)
- Removed Threepio and Artoo from the battle, as well as trimming it up slightly. (1)
- Removed joke about aggressive negotiations since the setup was removed. (3)
- Removed Jango’s weird cowboy pistol twirl thing. (4)
- Removed Geonosian war room sequences for pacing reasons. I don’t mind the Death Star cameo myself, and I still consider part of my personal canon, but the scenes had no bearing on this film. (1)
- Lessened Obi-Wan and Anakin's antagonism after Padme falls out of the transport. (1)
- Removed the Jedi giving the clones military advice; this helps establish the clones as competent soldiers and the Jedi as being dependent upon them (at least initially, before they formally assume their roles as generals) (1)
- Trimmed the duel with Dooku. (1)
- Further Trimmed the weird close-ups of Anakin and Dooku swinging around their sabers in the dark. (4)
- Yoda does not take out a lightsaber. (2)

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Octoroxx has previously produced my personal favorite Phantom Menace fanedit. By combining great ideas from past faneditors, they had found what for me was Goldilocks's choice. In fact, I had been in the process of doing the same thing myself when I heard of their Faster, More Intense and learned that someone else had already done the work for me. So I was quite excited to see what they had accomplished with Episode II.

Overall, I'd say this edit lives up to its predecessor. It looks and sounds great except for a couple places. The love montage is a fantastic idea and finally gets rid of that cg fruit bite nightmare, but the music transition to the lake at night is noticeably harsh. The Battle of Geonosis seemed to lack a bit of umph musically in a few spots as well.

It's hard to say if this one will push out my current favorite Episode II edit, L8wrtr's The Republic Divided, but it's definitely up there. Great work, octoroxx.

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Attack of the Clones is a pretty bad SW film. Not as bad as Phantom Menace but not really that good. There was definitely more fan service going on but Anakin's story was weak while Obi-Wan was the more compelling character to follow. With that said I really dig what octoroxx did with Episode II. Much of Anakin's whining and complaining was toned down, the romance with Padme was made a tad more believable, and the narrative was streamlined enough to skip over boring and pointless scenes (younglings? ugh). The editing was also done in a very clean way and I love when that's the case. Great job given the material you had (and took out)!

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