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Subjectzero brings his unique alternate narrative of the Star Wars trilogy to a close with a reinvention of the sequel trilogy, taking all three of the divisive films and rearranging key sequences into a new and inspiring tale of broken trust, looming threats, different destinies, and more.

Rey is now defined by a different blood relation and very much already a big part of the resistance from the off-set. Starkiller Base is the big threat to the stability of the galaxy, Luke's big arc from Last Jedi is entirely scrubbed, thus sparing his character a lot of needless deconstruction and propping him up as a guiding light, very much the hope he embodies in the Star Wars mythology.

The film moves at a brisk pace and thanks to some audio and visual mixing, you don't feel like there's any senselessness to the choices made, the plot is cohesive, and it truly does feel like you could have told a linear sequel story in half the time and with only one film.

It is not a perfect edit. The version I saw saw some moments where the video slowed down in places, which was unfortunately a recurring glitch (I'm very familiar with this from some versions of my editing projects), there's also a scene where Subject tries to get Rey to utter rearranged lines and the audio doesn't quite synch up with her mouth movements.

Those niggles aside, which I'm sure he'll comb over and fix in later versions, this is a very special edit, part of the most creative SW trilogy I've ever seen undertaken in the community...from a certified genius who's ambition runs away with him, and, I'm glad to say, he's got no problem taking you on the ride with him
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September 13, 2021
That certainly motivates me to watch this edit much sooner. Certified genius, huh? Impressive! Got room in that car?
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