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This is a fantastic distillation and re-imagining of the original trilogy films. The story is mostly the same, with some well considered alterations that work really well. I didn't really miss the chunks that were excised, and some of them being gone does really help the story along.

The story arcs of the main characters (including the Death Star) made sense and worked really well. Some of the supporting characters going almost missing surprisingly was not really missed. The way scenes were reordered and repurposed worked really well; if you didn't know where the clip was originally used you'd never know it was moved.

There were a few picky technical bits I didn't completely love. I also would have preferred Harmy's Despecialised version for the source, but using SE still worked--and was probably necessary to get the resolution. It also allowed consistency when more recent HD scenes were spliced in. The deviation from the typical Star Wars movie opening again threw me a bit, but that's just me being used to the scroll then starfield pan down open since 1977. I'm not completely in love with the updates to the Obi Wan/Vader duel. But that is all minor, subjective stuff.

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