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Star Wars - A New Hope: Possessed
October 12, 2019    
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It's the same Star Wars that I've always love, but you can just tell that it's a little better. It's really obvious at some scenes (where I'm familiar with the gross CG that occupied the shots), but often it's subtle and I wouldn't have noticed it had I not read the cutlist (just cause I'm not super familiar with all the film's variations). One thing that is consistently amazing though is your regrade, I especially notice on the shots of 3PO and R2, for some reason, and often in some of the contrasting shots with true blacks. I wish I could say more about those subtle changes, because they really are amazing and deserve more attention, but I lack the capacity to do so, y'all'll just have to take my word for it.

Everybody watch this now. A lot of great work was done here, thus making this probably the best version of ANH I've seen. Albeit I've only seen the DVD/Blu-Ray/Disney+ versions and Harmy's Despecialized, but hey that still counts for something. Seriously great work man, I'm looking forward to watching the follow-up(s) planned.

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Thanks man! Much appreciated

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