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This is a great edit, expertly handled to create a movie far superior to the original.
I'm definitely in the camp of those who were very disappointed with Into Darkness when I first saw it at the cinema, the worst flaw for me (amongst many) being that it felt like a shameless 'greatest hits' rip off (KHAN!!!!)
Kirk's death scene had little emotional impact, because it hadn't earned it. Kirk and Spock didn't seem to have known each other for very long or have much of a friendship. Although the film grew on me with time, really I only tolerated it.
Well I'm happy to say that TM2YC has done an amazing job and showed that there was a great movie under there all the time. The movie has a theme now - Vengeance. The narrative is so much better, the story is no longer muddled and all over the place. The crew seem like they've been together a while (not just 5 minutes after the last film) Kirk and Spock's characters are vastly improved, they seem like friends and Kirk's death genuinely has an emotional impact now. For me this edit has taken a 6/10 movie up to a 9/10 enjoyment wise. I think he's succeeded in all of the things he set out to do with it.
I watched both the bluray and 720p MP4. I've seen it 3 times now, which is the same amount of times I watched ITD. It's improved each time. I think a fanedit (usually) deserves at least 2 watches before making your mind up as you'll often remember what happened before and what's been cut, and (for me at least) it takes a couple of watches to start overwriting the old version in my mind. Of course there's still some flaws in the film that can't be changed, just bad writing or casting in the original movie, but I feel like I can live with them more now.
TM2YC's Video editing is seamless, beautifully done. There's a couple of bits (very rare) where there's a noticeable cut but they have to be like that to make the narrative work. Nothing too major anyhow. After I'd watched it the first time, I then read through his entire list of changes and what TM2YC has accomplished is just amazing. He's done so much more than I ever noticed, which is a testament to how well he's edited it. Love the colour correction too.
The sound editing is good. I liked his moving of small amounts of dialogue to other scenes, worked well. New music was fine for the most part. And I think it's a Stereo mix, could be wrong. Most of the audio was fine, although some talking scenes seemed a little quiet now and again. But overall, very good.
There were a couple of things that I was not sure about. I agree with some other reviewers that the line "it's gonna be alright son" (said in the bar scene by Pike) and the look Kirk gives back feels a little out of place in the new narrative. Although, who knows perhaps TM2YC tried it differently and it didn't work.
Also the scene where Spock and Urura kiss also seems out of place, the edit could easily do without it. And finally right at the end of the Spock/Khan fight, I did wonder whether Spock would/should still be as uncontrolled and violent given the new narrative? Still not sure. And at the point where Uhura tells Spock to stop, perhaps they could've just had one look back and forth before he takes him down?
But anyway these issues are tiny compared to just how great this edit is. It's excellent and I can now proudly display it on my shelf.
TM2YC has managed to drag this movie firmly out of the darkness and into the light. Well done TM2YC, and thank you!

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