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Star Trek: Into Darkness is the second entry into the rebooted franchise by J.J. Abrams, released in 2013 with mostly positive responses. As time went on with multiple viewings, myself included, cracks began to appear in the form of forced references, similarities and many dumb character choices. While the majority still see this film as a harmless, fun summer blockbuster, they agree that it is a step down from the '09 predecessor and the recent 2016 'Beyond'. TM2YC is back again with his take on the flawed sequel, looking at it with a mostly positive outlook when in the editing room.

I'll just say, this edit imo is geared towards those on the "liked it" side of the fence more so, and that's how I will review the project. And long story short it is a really good effort put forth, with a few "Wrath of Khan" references and dialogue lines cut, bad characterization and retreaded ideas snipped and the whole film regraded to a more saturated experience. For the most part, the color regrade works very well, I just found a few areas that left too much teal left in say the skin tones. Visually, there are no editing flaws in jump cuts or flash frames, and the quality has little artifacts with some banding but without distraction. Audio wise, it's over all good with a few noticeable problems. Around the 30 minute mark, the audio/video syncing starts to veer off slightly for about the next 3 minutes, then fixes itself seamlessly. It's not terrible nor is it a deal breaker since what was edited does work really well and again had a lot of time put into it. All IMAX footage flows along nicely with the rest, seeing that it's a really nice visual contrast and a nice touch, that reminded me of watching ''The Dark Knight'' all over again, it's a great creative and well executed choice.

Do I recommend this edit? Yes, I wholeheartedly do and I congratulate TM2YC and everyone else involved in the edit one way or another!
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