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Review by LastSurvivor — April 22, 2012 @ 12:16 pm

BionicBob, probably the most prolific faneditor out there at the moment, brings us his first and maybe only edit on The Next Generation Star Trek franchise in the form of possibly the worst Star Trek film of all, Nemesis. Okay, that dubious honor might actually go to JJ Abrams’ over-rated reboot, but hey, before I start a war let’s get onto Bob’s Through a Glass Darkly ;)

It’s difficult to know where to start with the problems which plague Nemesis. I think Bob actually puts it very well in his “About this Edit” feature, in that here in Stuart Baird was a director who knew little of the Star Trek universe, pandering to the main stars prima donna style requirements within the script to keep a happy ship (dune buggy racing anyone? Data singing? Um, no thanks). Also, what’s evident here is that for the final voyage of TNG cast, there is a distinct lack of that “family” feel which one has come to love and expect from the Trek universe. Perhaps this darker style of Star Trek just doesn’t work? Maybe that’s why I don’t like Abrams’ version too? I digress.

Thankfully, Bob has certainly taken the full blooded fanediting approach here. A massive 32 minutes of footage is ruthlessly cut, leaving us with a fast-paced 82 minutes (about 76 if you take out the incredibly long end-credits) of treachery, deceit, adventure and a chance to see in Shinzon a darker flip-side of our beloved Captain Jean-Luc Picard. The decision to remove the horrible B4 concept is this edit’s most obvious saving grace and it’s executed with some skill. Some reviews have pointed towards the awkward way in which a flashback is inserted to explain the “beaming device” which Data places on Picard, but I take my hat off to Bob here, as he pulls it off perfectly. I’ve seen Bob try and use some flashback-style techniques before, but this is by far his most natural and best attempt.

Of course, trimming Nemesis down to this extent does result in it feeling like a feature-length TV episode and I actually would have liked Bob to have applied the same TV-style fade outs and title sequence which he used so well on his classic Trek edits.

Unfortunately, as impressive and enjoyable as Through A Glass Darkly is, it’s still unable to completely rescue the film. The trimmed wedding scene is still horribly scripted and acted with about as much warmth and sincerity as a wet space blanket. Baird’s direction remains flat (surprising when you consider his overall solid filmography as an editor) and the uninspired performances from nearly all the cast make you wonder if First Contact was but a dream.

Still, some of the scenes between Shinzon and Picard hint at what could have been and the ever reliable Jerry Goldsmith was still able to shine with another impressive music score. The use of the original ending is also a definite improvement, despite the obvious drop in quality, and gives some hope of further adventures with Picard and a new number one.

Audio – would get a solid 9/10. Only when the Enterprise was banking away (the second time) to go into warp did it feel as if the sound was a little out of synch.

Picture quality – 10/10. As good as the original DVD from what I could tell.

Editing – 9/10. Nearly perfect for me, but I’m sure Bob used the same shot of the Enterprise going into warp twice? If I’m wrong, I apologise!

Overall – An excellent attempt to rescue a pretty poor movie, Through A Glass Darkly sees BionicBob at the top of his game. I personally think it’s a difficult challenge to make cuts of some 30 minutes and still manage to have a movie which manages to hold together in its storytelling – but Bob manages it here very well. So, whereas the original movie I would give 5/10, Through a Glass Darkly would receive 7/10. As an overall score for the way in which this was fanedited however, I would give this 9/10.

If this is the final Trek edit for BionicBob, he’s gone out in more style and honor than the TNG cast did on the final day of shooting of Nemesis. :)
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