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(Updated: September 15, 2012)
Review by DwightFry78 — April 17, 2012 @ 10:01 pm

This might very well be BionicBob’s best achievement so far: taking Nemesis, arguably the very worst of all Star Trek movies, and making it much more enjoyable than I ever expected it to be. Don’t take me wrong, it’s not a great movie now, that wouldn’t be possible given the generic and tired source material, but it’s now worth the Star Trek name and no longer an emmbarrassment to watch. Just removing the worst offenders (mind rape, dune buggy, B4, stupid humor) works wonders for it.

It has been argued among other users whether including a certain flashback near the end was needed or worked well. To me, it’s indispensable, because without it Data’s sacrifice makes no sense: we of course realize what the portable beaming device is when we see it work, but if we don’t know that it can only beam one person up, and that it’s a prototype so Data couldn’t have carried one for himself, the scene would become incomprehensible and Data would seem to be suicidal or have a death wish, and his sacrifice would seen random, meaningless, and easily avoidable. Of course, we have seen the theatrical version so we can mentally fill the gaps, but the narrative of a fanedit should stand on its own. And Bob’s version does. Who cares if the flashback is to something we did not see before. We know those people have had many adventures together.

Technically speaking, this is Bob’s more well-rounded edit to this day. No bad cuts, awkward fades or interlacing, except for the end credits, which do become a bit uncomfortable to read because of ghosting. There’s one flash frame of a starfield right at the beginning before the credits, but it’s nearly unnoticeable. Despite having a pretty good eye for these things myself, I didn’t notice it until another reviewer pointed it out.

I’m giving this a 10/10. Not because it’s now a perfect, flawless movie, which it never will be, but because there’s not much, if anything, I would have done differently. Bravo!
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