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Overall I enjoyed this edit of "Nemesis". Much of the filler subplots are gone (always a good thing) and what we're left is a tight film that moves along nicely. My main criticism with the film was towards the end when...

*** SPOILER ***

Picard is returned to the Enterprise by a device Data puts on him. This is shortly after the transporter fries and is told "that's it". Now, it's been a while since I've seen the original, so it's possible this transporter device is of Romulan design, but unless I missed it we never see Data ever actually pick this device up.

My second issue is after the Romulan ship blows up and Data is killed, we see Picard remembering Data giving him a data cartridge. Not only have we never seen this scene before (thus no reference as to what is actually happening) Data is also in non-starfleet clothes adding to the confusion. Again, perhaps I missed something while being distracted by my kids running around, but think if these scenes were explained I would have remembered. Because of this one scene I docked the visual editing a star as I think it would have worked better without.

The picture quality is just a bit below DVD quality with macro-blocking apparent in some scenes. While not terrible I would have liked a slightly higher quality. Adding to the lower rating of A/V Quality is that the audio is only stereo and not 5.1 as I've become accustomed.

Minus these minor issues I do think this edit is the better version of "Nemesis" and, if you're a Star Trek fan, it's worth checking out.

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