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William Shatner.

Just saying the name conjures up all sorts of things: good (in some cases, great) and bad (in some cases, very bad).

His Captain Kirk in the original series was for the most part wonderful - and of course has been long part of pop culture.

His performances in the films hit or miss.

So it goes without saying that as actor, writer and director he would bring himself -- the good and the bad (as do we all) to that enterprise (bad pun unfortunately intended...).

"Star Trek V" is still maligned to this day. It's a frustrating view, even for (perhaps mostly for) Trek: the original series fans of which I'm one - because there's a great TREK movie here, hidden amongst some of the woefully clumsy acting, overwrought/clunky direction, hammy acting and mostly - the completely misfired 'comedy' elements.

Bionic Bob, in his iconic 'TV style' editing has turned an off-putting TREK movie into a highly enjoyable TV movie - every original series TREK fan should see what Bob has done here. There are some GREAT surprises for fans of the show.

And after watching Bob's version, you're left scratching your head on why the Paramount suits or Shatner didn't include some of what Bob adds into the film. I never would've thought of these, but upon seeing Bob's version, they are highly pertinent moments that belong in the official version of the film.

Why Bob even makes sense out of the abbreviated, daffy Klingon scenes! Now THAT takes some imagination.

If you love the original series, make time to watch Bob's take here. Great stuff!

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