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Star Trek The Motion Picture is not an easy film to watch. The concept is good and I still think the reveal of V'Ger identity is a really awesome idea but the pacing is painfully slow and the characters are not totaly themselves. When the director's edition came out, the movie became more watchable and the pacing was improved.

But now, I have found my go to version. BionicBob has crafted THE definitive edition! There is much to be liked in this. By the way, I have watched the second version of the edit.

First of all, the execution of the new introduction is really impressive and puts us right in the mood! The inclusion of the original series music mixed with the original score works really well. The move feels like a good two parter episode, including the classic fade out. The pacing is way much better and the edit waste no time, launching the enterprise directly into its mission. The pacing slows down a little bit when V'Ger reaches earth but it does not decrease the enjoyment. I must say that I really liked the Spock flashbacks during his mind meld with V'Ger.

I did experience just a little bit of problem with the sound mix during one scene. When Spock wakes up after his mind meld, the background music was great but a tad too strong since it was difficult to understand what Spock was saying.

The relation between Decker and Ilia has been trimmed for the better but it does remove a little bit of motivation in the end scene. Decker is not as present and it feels that the original series characters are now front and center, has it should be. The voyage to V'ger and inside V'Ger have been greatly reduced and because of this, the movie is much tighter and way more enjoyable. It really feels much more in the line with Star Trek!

I wont spoil the finale but it has been modified with two new effect shots which really adds something interesting to the Star Trek mythos.

In summary, this is a fantastic edit!!! If this version was the one shown in theater in 1979, it would have been much more welcomed by the critique and the viewer. Nice work BionicBob!! I look forward to watch your other TOS movies edit!

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