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This is a great edit, and IMO, a great movie in this form.
It is easy to see why this movie didn't become a blockbuster--there is no finale. There is no big fight scene. The plot doesn't call for it, and what a cerebral plot it is!
This movie doesn't back away from the biggest question everyone faces, the big existential Why Am I Here? Is There A God?
And this plot will always be relevant. Anyone watching Cosmos or Through The Wormhole on TV in 2014 has seen questions like these posed. But because of this plot, instead of a big space battle finale, like Star Wars had, we get Decker hooking up with the bald chick in some glowing lights. Again, I can see how it was perhaps disappointing to the masses, but this is the story they told and I still think it was a damned brave one.
I've watched BionicBob's first 3 Star Trek movie edits in order, but am reviewing this one 3rd because I have virtually nothing to say about this edit other than it is flawless. It is never going to be my fav movie, but this is def my fav edit of the movie. And, of the first 3 Trek edits that Bionic Bob has done, this is my fav. Though I am looking forward to Trek 4-6!

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