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Review by Ripplin — June 4, 2010 @ 8:47 am

Growing up, I was not an avid TOS watcher. I appreciated it, and saw a fair number of episodes, but I was not yet really into sci-fi in general. Every time I saw TMP, I found it dragged on and on at parts (Spock’s flight in the spacesuit is mercifully short in this edit, which is appreciated) and didn’t have the sense of excitement that the sequels had. But now, I’m a big fan of TOS and have seen every episode at least once, many multiple times. Watching this edit, even without the TOS additions, I must say that in some ways, it felt the most like TOS among all of the Star Trek movies! Amazing. :p I never would’ve thought it.

Bob’s additions are well thought out and not intrusive or jarring. Towards the last third to quarter of the movie, I actually wished there were more of them. I’m a little undecided about the new twist ending. It makes sense, considering what is said about V’Ger’s “people” and planet and whatnot, but…still felt strange. Plus, you have to ignore what was brought out in Star Trek: Enterprise about those people, too. Haha. ;)

Overall, I quite liked this. I would say it is THE version to watch. I have a much bigger appreciation for the movie now because of this edit. Doesn’t make me want to watch the original version, but I would certainly watch this one again sometime. I will give this fine effort 8/10. Well done!
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