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Review by flyboy707 — May 29, 2010 @ 4:14 pm


Do not read this review until after you have watched this fan edit. Experience this edit with no previous knowledge or bias, then come back and read the reviews posted here. It will be well worth your time.

I never do very long reviews, but I wanted to on this one. This is the sort of edit I would like to see more of, so I decided to do a lengthy review.

My initial reaction to this edit is WOW! This is an amazing edit and showcases what can be done with a movie; more than just cutting scenes.

While I do not think this is a “perfect edit”, it certainly comes very, very close.



BionicBob’s stated intention is to make the original movie feel more like an episode. While, I tend to be leery of edits that make this attempt, BionicBob achieves this wonderfully (although not perfectly).

I thoroughly enjoyed the “cliff hanger” open scene BionicBob created for his edit (just like the ones that all the ST series utilize ). I really enjoyed the new opening titles and his use of images of from the original series and all six movies. Very effective and definitely creates the feeling of watching an episode. BionicBob utilizes this technique throughout his edit. Although not as much as I think he should have. This is the reason I say that he almost achieves his intent. Over the 80 mins of the edit, I would have liked to see more “cliff hanger go to commercial” points. As a result, there were times I lost that feeling of watching an episode but more like watching the movie again. There are several point in his edit that he could have used this technique more and really made me feel like I was watching tv.


(4 OUT OF 5)

I absolutely loved his use of of new music, original series sound effects etc. This new audio really improved several scenes and lent to the new faster paced/move the plot along feel.

It seemed to me that at the times the volume of the dialogue drop significantly. I found myself turning up the volume on my amp to keep the same level of dialogue volume, then only to be blasted by the higher level of sound effects and/or music. This might just be my perception, so other reviewers please let me know if you think this is an accurate thought I am having.


(5 OUT OF 5)

I own the Director’s Cut dvd version (the yellow dvd jacket one) and this edit’s video quality is exactly likke my store bought dvd. Iwatched this on my 55″ LED tv and it looked wonderful.


(technical aspects)

I didn’t detect any rough cuts or imperfect cuts here. As a note, there might be one, but I don’t have the time to look at my store bought dvd to verify if it is the original. The scene when Kirk, Spock and McCoy first enter the Officer’s Lounge, Spock talks to Kirk and Kirk replies; there seems to be a very abrupt cut in the dialogue. Again, this may also be in the original.

Here’s just a FEW “pros” and “cons” I am thinking of, having just finished watching the edit. This is by no means all the areas I liked, disliked or thought could be improved, just a sample of things that hit me while watching:

BionicBob says in the dvd extras that he edited this movie to keep Kirk as the Captain (i.e. rid the sub plot of Kirk usurping Decker as captain for this mission). He does this perfectly until the meeting in Kirk’s cabin with Decker. At one point, Decker says “You haven’t logged a single starhour in over 2 1/2 years …” If Kirk has never accepted a promotion and moved on form being a the Enterprise’s captain, then why would Decker say that line?

I think there should be some scenes left in this edit to let us know that this is a new Enterprise – i.e. it just received an overhaul. There are several scenes in this edit that show Kirk and McCoy are unfamiliar with the ship. The “wormhole” scene (btw, one of favorite new scenes of this edit – great editing, music etc – wonderful!) where Kirk wants to use phasers, but Decker overrides him, McCoy’s complaint how his sickbay is all new and during Kirk’s log entry that Spock has helped solve the engine imbalance. To be fair, there is dialogue at the beginning of the Kirk-Decker-McCoy meeting in Kirk’s cabin about “the Enterprise redesign …” but I think we as the audience needs to know there has been a redesign earlier in the edit.

I absolutely loved how BionicBob handles Spock’s arrival, gone is the long drawn out arrival (i.e. the exposition of a shuttle coming and the back and forth between Kirk, Uhuru and Chekov). Combining their dialogue with the exterior shots of Spock’s arrival is masterful.

I like the use of the modern series’ “trekology” throughout the edit (i.e. using “sector 001″ and “deep space station epsilon nine”)
as much as I always liked the “captain’s logs” – he effectively minimizes them and adds very brief “information titles” on the screen to indicate where/what is happening. I may not be explaining this very well, but you’ll understand what I mean when you watch the edit. This may not be to the liking of trek purists, but I liked it – gave it both a modern feel while keeping the episode feel.

I was REALLY REALLY hoping that the part where Kirk keeps tilling Spock to sit down during the officer’s lounge scene would have been edited out. I have never liked this scene and it does not make any sense. Even if Spock is the most logical, purged of all emotions Vulcan, he would sit down (after being told by his superior office several times) .

Yes, BionicBob, I thought your flashback of Spock on Vulcan was perfect. Gives the audience the reason why Sock was absent form the Enterprise and why he returned without slowing down the edit. Bravo. And another favorite of mind is the re-working of Spock’s mind meld with the digital Ilea/V’ger. Great use of scenes form the original series. I wasn’t prepared for that and loved it.

There are several other areas of the edit I would like to mention, but then this review would be as long as a Stephen King book.

One final thing I would like to mention, sort of, is the new ending. I am am ABSOLUTELY NOT going to mention exactly how this edit ends. I think everyone should watch this edit and get the surprise I did. I hope that other reviewers of this edit will follow my lead and not be specific about the ending.

I had never read/heard any theories of what the ending of the original movie meant in relation to future series/plots/movies etc, so I was thoroughly surprised and excited as to how BionicBob ended this movie. Not only technically wonderful but exciting in how he transitioned from the boring let down of the original dialogue/ending of the original movie to this edit. A great new ending to a new version of “a tired science fiction movie” (BionicBob’s words).

Again, I implore other reviewers not to put in print how the edit ends. Please give others the thrill of the surprise and masterful new way BionicBob ends his edit.

Overall, a 5 out of 5 edit (or 9 stars using the fan edit rating). I don’t rate it a “perfect 10″ because of some minor points I mention above.

BionicBob, this is the sort of edit I have been wanting to see for a long time. Not just a “scene cut” of existing material, but a new vision of a movie as well. Your love and knowledge of Star Trek erupts from the screen of this edit. Good job.

You have set the bar very high for yourself and, possibly, fan edits on this site as a whole.
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