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The Pegasus is, for me, one of the few choice highlights from the end of the Next Generation's run, and These Are The Voyages is a much derided, despised and in some instances disregarded end to the Star Trek franchise's renascence phase from 1987 through to 2005. The linking of this TNG episode with the end of a curtailed four year prequel to the foundation of the federation remains an odd one...surely there are better episodes, but the, perhaps it was fitting something so run-of-the-mill see off an otherwise unspectacular series.

The edits are fine, picture and audio quality is of a high standard, and the idea to merge the episodes together is a noble one, but it perhaps would have been better to "pick and choose" pieces of the narrative to keep to make the final outing for Enterprise less bleak and outright depressing...the stakes are considerably high in the TNG episode that is framed around the Enterprise segments, but it would have been nice to have avoided Trip's death entirely. Something like this could have been very easily helped. As such it was a drain to have to experience that shlock shock value moment again in order to reach the crux of Riker's dilemma back on his own ship.

It's a well edited story, the episodes compliment each other well, and shows the creative team left no margin for error. As an experiment in comparison and contrast it's a nifty essay, but as a Star Trek episode it could have done with a much lighter touch.
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