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The third season of Trek had lower production values than the first two seasons because of budget cuts which constrained the type of stories which could be told. But the season also suffered from the new direction the new show runner gave it which placed action before plot and sometimes made the characters take dumb decision or act completely out of character to serve a poor script. One of the worst examples of this is in "That Which Survives" where Spock, like reviewer bionicbob pointed out, acts like a micromanaging a**hole because apparently that's what logic driven people do.

Dwight Fry removed the most offending moments, Spock's and others, and returned this episode to watchable status. If you've never seen an original Trek episode I don't think I can recommend this as a first watch because it's one of the weaker episodes but if you're a Trekkie (or Trekker if you're offended by "Trekkie", I'm personally fine with being called either) this is definitely a replacement for the original episode. The edits are completely invisible both visually and on the audio side - absolutely flawless. There are new title cards which are simple but very well executed and seem studio-produced and overall this is pretty much the level of quality I wish I would see in the fanedits I watch. This is a textbook example of quality editing,

The image quality is excellent in the bigger 6gb file but in the smaller smaller file there is slight artifacting in some places but it's a small sacrifice for the convenient file size. The editor chose to use the original special effects, it would have been nice to have a version with the redone special effects as I actually like them but I realize I might have an unpopular opinion about this.

Overall, fantastic work. This will replace the original in my collection.
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