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The third season of classic STAR TREK has many solid entertaining episodes, but it also has some very odd and off-character episodes, compared to it's two previous seasons. But this is not unexpected since Roddenberry was no longer running the ship and new producer Freiberger was more interested in action over character, thus there are many episodes with moments where our heroes behaviour seems slightly off or exaggerated or even unrecognizable.

For me, the two biggest offenders of this is "Requiem for Methuselah" , in which Kirk makes it his mission to seduce another man's love, and "That Which Survives", where the writers do not seem to know that there is a difference between being logically unemotional and micro-managing @sshat.

But now I can take "That Which Survives" off my blacklist, as Dwight Fry has saved this episode for me.

With subtle cut work and editing, Dwight has cleanly removed the most offensive behavior of our Vulcan First Officer and turned him back into the professional and dedicated Starfleet Officer we all know and love.

If I did not know this episode so well, I would not know anything was cut. Technically all the work is excellent, especially in the audio department, as there was tricky dialogue to edit. I also want to say great work on the new opening title card!!! It looks perfectly natural and fits seamlessly with the other credits.

The video file is a nice size, as the picture, colour and sound quality are all top notch.

A very entertaining watch for this old Trekker.
Thumbs Up! :)

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July 27, 2021
Yes, I agree - the title cards look excellent! Much better than what I have achieved! I shall be leaving my review shortly.
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