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This was a surprising edit in more ways than one. I myself have recently recut the episode "That Which Survives" addressing the problem of Spock's wildly out-of-character behavior in one of the two logical (see what I did there) ways to do so: removing the offending bits. The Warlord took the opposite and equally valid approach: keeping those bits but justifying them as an early Pon Farr phase, by making this story a prequel to "Amok Time" (which happens to be my favorite episode ever). And it works as well as the material allows: I'm always a bit suspicious of edits that combine different stories into one feature as I fear they can come across as overly episodic, but in this case the flow is right. It does help that "Amok Time" has no outer threat/conventional villain to deal with. Now that I mention it, there's an interesting parallel created here between Losira and T'Pring: neither is a conventional villainess, one is much less evil than it first looks while the other is so much worse. I admit that I missed the final conversation between Spock and T'Pring: it would have took the parallels more to the foreground to keep that. I must also mention that this edit kept a lot more of the Losira plot than I expected by reading the cutlist: while about 10 minutes of the episode were removed, this was done in the usual seamless Warlord way: absolutely nothing seemed to be missing, and I wouldn't have noticed if I wasn't so familiar with these episodes.

The big surprise, however, was the ending. DAAAAMN, that was dark. It caught me completely unprepared. Does it work? Absolutely, but it's a huge downer and I guess some people could react negatively to it. Won't spoil, but I'll say this is necessarily non-canon. And because of said ending, this is NOT an edit to watch if you feel down.

Technically, this is very well done. If anything, the opening bit taken from Amok Time could have been slightly trimmed at the end because it feels like Kirk's attention is directed to something else before we cut (of course he's actually looking at Christine in the original), but that might be because, again, I'm so familiar with the source that my brain automatically expects what's next. Video and audio were flawless, except for one very small rendering glitch when Bones introduces himself to T'Pau. The new credits work and are in the correct font, but would still need some degree of gaussian blur to make themselves seem less digital.

A very good job and a very fresh way to revisit very familiar material. Maybe too fresh for some people. Recommended for Trekkers everywhere, as long as you're properly warned that it won't cheer you up. The "That Which Survives" part I now consider to be complementary to my own edit of it (two different paths, same goal). The "Amok Time" part... your mileage may vary.
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