Star Trek: Survival

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An extended edit of Spock's Pon Farr!
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Inspired by a post by keithbk, this edit combines TOS' 'Amok Time' and 'That Which Survives' into one extended episode.
The character of Spock is arguably uncharacteristic, not his 'usual self', in 'That Which Survives', more so than any other time he is in command of the Enterprise. It has been suggested I could restructure the story to occur immediately prior to 'Amok Time', suggesting that the Spock in the former is pre-Pon Farr.
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Star Trek: The Original Series, 'A Private Little War' for additional footage of Doctor M'Benga.
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Clearly these two episodes are a season apart, so I have to be careful to ensure this isn't too obvious.

- Fortunately, Scotty, Chekhov and Chapel only appear in one episode each.
- Kirk, Spock, McCoy and Sulu don't appear too different between episodes.

We begin with the first part of the first scene of 'Amok Time', stopping prior to Chapel bringing Spock some Vulcan plomeek soup.

We move into an establishing shot of the Enterprise orbiting the planet in 'That Which Survives'.

That episode continues, and then we return to 'Amok Time' with Chapel giving Spock the soup.

That episode then continues.


The focus is on Spock, so I reduce the planet-side A plot of 'That Which Survives' as much as possible, including:

- The landing party discussing the "earthquake" that occurred just after they arrived.
- A small section of the encounter between Losira and D'Amato.
- Sulu walking off to do the geogical survey. Also, Kirk and McCoy discussing D'Amato's death and grave.
- The entire scene in which D'Amato is entombed.
- Sulu heading off to stand guard and setting up the automatic distress on his tricorder.
- Kirk referencing his 'ghost planet' comment from earlier, which is itself cut from my edit.
- Following a commercial break, McCoy and Sulu discuss the helmsman's injuries and Kirk questions why he did not die when touched by Losira.
- The entire scene in which the phaser overloads on the planet.
- The entire section in which Losira tries to kill Kirk. Instead, we cut straight to Kirk picking up readings on the tricorder prior to the cave entrance opening.
- After the cave opens, Sulu says he wishes they were back on the Enterprise. Kirk agrees but suggests the answers are in the cave, and they subsequently walk inside.


- Kirk's 'ghost planet' comment on the bridge.
- Initial damage reports on the Enterprise after they have been flung across space.
- After Scott's concern about the 'feel' of the ship, Spock turns his attention to the centre of the navigation/helm station.
- Scotty wandering through Engineering, and asking Watkins to check some readings.

From Amok Time:

- After the opening titles, Kirk asking Spock what is wrong prior to ordering the bridge to change course.
- Kirk resting in his quarters before he calls the bridge.
- Chekhov's confusion is cut, so that Kirk's initial question is answered directly by Chekhov's assertion that the ship is already heading for Vulcan.
- Kirk rising to leave his quarters.
- Spock wandering down the corridor to Sickbay, and the entire Sickbay pre-examination scene.
- After walking into Spock's quarters, Kirk reiterates McCoy's medical report.
- Kirk's statement that he does not understand Spock's situation, and orders him to explain.
- The entire scene in which Uhura contacts Spock in his quarters, and he destroys his desk monitor.
- The entire Chapel/Spock scene in the latter's quarters.
- Reaction shots as Spock introduces Kirk and McCoy to T'Pau.
- T'Pau asking Spock who will pledge Kirk and McCoy's behaviour, Spock's answering that he will, and a few reaction shots.
- The close of the final commercial break is truncated, ending on a close-up of a shocked Kirk.
- The conversation between Spock and T'Pring is cut. Instead, Spock speaks directly to Stonn.
- After Spock beams up, we cut straight to closing shots of the Enterprise leaving orbit.

Additional footage from 'A Private Little War':

- Segments of the sequence where Doctor M'Benga is examining Spock, are now part of his medical examination in 'Amok Time'.
- An edited version of the scene of Spock in Sickbay in a coma is restructured.

The character appears in 'That Which Survives' so the crossover cements the continuity and fluidity between both stories.

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