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August 14, 2012    
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Redlettermedia have made quite a name for themselves over the years...especially in the wake of ever growing criticism of the Star Wars brand, so it's interesting to take a look at some of their earlier work with the TNG Star Trek movies, four very flawed films which seemed to delight in deconstructing everything grand about the Next Generation tv series in favor of Hollywood action shlock.

Redlettermedia, via character critic "Mr. Plinkett", a man who thinks these movies are the biggest disappointment since his son, examines the movies in a darkly subversive comedic fashion, which aligns with just how bleak and depressing most of the TNG movies are.

Not even the most light hearted of them, Insurrection, is spared as it's special effects are compared to that of Babylon 5, it's cheap locations and fashions given a pecking, and there's an erection joke aimed at Picard's youthful exuberance on the planet. Of all the reviews, the ones with the most energy put into taking them apart are First Contact and Insurrection...and they are by far the most fun. By the time we get to Nemesis, you're as depressed as Plinkett is and you''re left reflecting on just bleak Trek movies have mostly been since then

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