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Star Trek: Reunion
December 19, 2014    
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I've always liked Star Trek TMP, despite it's flaws, but I've never been an avid fan of either the TV show or the movies. I couldn't put my finger on everything that's been cut but it works wonders to speed up the narrative and improve the dynamics between the characters. I followed the topic in the forum so I knew there'd been a lot of new fx work and rebuilding of the audio track, which has all been flawlessly intergrated into the film, I must say, impressively so. As a casual Star Trek viewer I know a few of the scenes that have been cut but they're all good choices and only help to improve the film. The video and audio editing is unnoticeable, you really would need to be a rabid fan to spot where the cuts have been made and I can't think of any of the edits that drew attention to themselves. The narrative flows well, much better than in either the theatrical or director's cuts (IMHO), and it honestly looks the best I've ever seen it look, all the time the editor spent getting it to look this gorgeous has, without doubt, made this my go-to version for whenever I watch STTMP from now on. Which is going to be more often than it would have been before watching this fanedit. This is very impressive work from TM2YC.

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