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TM2YC's Star Trek Reunion is the fan edit I have been most anticipating so far this year, and I am very happy to report the wait has been well worth it. TM2YC has injected new energy into this film and delivers a solid, more enjoyable reinterpretation.

First off, let's be crystal clear, this may the BEST LOOKING version of STTMP EVER!!! The colours are vibrant and rich, instantly refreshing the viewing experience and injecting some of the lost wonder into the voyage through V'GER. Absolutely beautiful work by the editor! There are some scenes of obvious lower video quality, but I do not mind them as they are vital to the narration. In fact, I wish a few more had been used for continuity, such as showing Chapel arriving on the bridge to help Chekov instead of her just mysteriously appearing from off stage.

The revised narration is faster paced and well executed. Kirk appears slightly less ineffective and more commanding, while his relationship with Decker is still challenging, it comes across slightly more respectful and professional. Personally, I miss McCoy's mistrust of Spock subplot, as it always seemed appropriate to me and added some needed extra tension and added another dynamic to the theft of the spacesuit scene.

Love the audio work. Great new music cues and background sound FXs throughout the edit. My favourite was by far was hearing the bridge computer say, "Working....". Pure Trek awesomeness!!!
Though I really wish Sulu's dreadful offscreen "Why...why it's...." line had been

The journey to the heart of V'GER, while shorter than the original, and as I said before, more wondrous due to the colour work, still feels long and drawn out. I wish at least another minute or more had been cut, to try and keep the original series tone and pacing.

So many wonderful things about this edit.... while I still prefer the DC version of Vulcan, TY2YC offers a gorgeous looking alternative.... the klingon battlecruisers looked magnificent (and thank you for showing the fate of the mysteriously lost 3rd ship).... the new end title card....

So much time and work went into this edit, almost every single scene has been tweaked in some manner and it all pays off very nicely.

The dvd menu is very lovely, tying into TY2YC's dvd art design (...oh, and I LOVE the second dvd art too... reminds me of the original teaser poster for the movie--well done!!!), though I wish the fan edit trailer had been included with it too.

A truly wonderful fan edit that now sits proudly on my shelf with my Star Trek collection.

Highly recommend. THUMBS UP! :)

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