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Review by Sunarep — October 27, 2010 @ 5:58 PM

It’s been a while since I watched search for spock, so it’s not that fresh in my head.

anywho, this edit like the other two bionicbob edits is a fun quick ride. I always liked Search for Spock but I was never a fan of spock’s “puberty” and with that thing gone in the edit it really becomes more enjoyable, similar to perdition’s flames we spend most time with Kirk and Co and where Perdition’s Flames felt like a Season Finale Episode, this edit is the Season Opener, bringing back the Crew and Spock, it hurt a little thinking how awesome a series like this could have been… well…

Presenting it in the frame of a TV series also has it’s advantages, the death scene of the antagonist looks bad by today’s standards (maybe even back then) but with the TV-theme in mind this looks totally intentional, like the bad video quality of TMBTM’s war of the stars, so the special effects enhance the TV-feeling a lot
Also the fact that in Perdition’s Flames we never saw the scene with McCoy adds to the TV-feeling. If only these edits would exist it would feel as if they killed of Spock at the end of Season 4 to shock us and when the new series rolled they had to come up with something that was never hinted at, why Spock is now back – works really funny (in a good way). Also everything fits, the story (like perdition’s flames) works tremendously well even without many cool scenes from the original

The only thing I didn’t like was the ending montage of spock’s memory, the idea of playing it reverse the second time. The idea per-se is not bad, i just don’t like the fact that they are static images, which makes it look more like a picture compilation than a montage for a movie… but i understand that it’s quite the work to get all those specific scenes together, so i don’t wanna be too harsh

At the end of the movie it says: To be concluded… i hope not, I hope that Bob will also tackle Star Trek V and VI… hell I’d be curious if he could turn Star Trek XI in a TV-Movie like the rest

Where does it stand in Bob’s Trilogy?

I’d rank Bob’s edits like this:

3) V’ger Incident – 7/10
2) Ressurection – 8/10
1) Perdition’s Flames – 8/10

Flames had the best overall balance, the fades to black worked so well. They are still cool in Ressurection but Flames was just perfect timing, also Flames had the best opening, like a classical star trek episode, which got me immediately hooked, but Ressurection is recommendable as well
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