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Oh, Requiem for Methuselah. Maybe the most divisive episode of the original series (only The Omega Glory would challenge that). Some people will have it as their favorite (The Warlord), some will have it as the opposite (Bionic Bob). For me, it's mid-tier. It has a solid plot going for it, but highly illogical (see what I did there) character behavior on Kirk's part going against it. Well, detractors will likely be much more satisfied with this recut. It fixes Kirk's arc as much as it can be fixed: he still devotes a bit too much effort to flirt with Rayna while his crew is dying, but once he realizes what's going on with Rayna and Flint, his actions make much more sense and are much more humane as opposed to being an entitled lovesick puppy like in the original. The title is accurate: the recut acts very much like Ryetalyn on the plot's "illness".

Technically, it's flawless all around, perfect audio, video, and editing. The only thing that doesn't completely satisfy me is that it uses the CGI FX version of the episode as a basis (I still abhor those), but the reasons for this were explained to me and I can live with it. Despite this, it's great enough to become my preferred version of the episode. Another winner!
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