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Review by Uncanny Antman — June 12, 2010 @ 8:41 pm

I am an unabashed DS9 fan, so maybe my opinion on this one is a little biased. My opinion on this edit is mixed. There are very few technical problems with it, and those are from the original DVD transfer. (The DVDs range from average to atrocious.)

The widescreen conversion is well handled with the exception of a small handful of shots. (And those are mostly just due to the shot being an extreme close-up on someone’s face. Not much you can do to get around that.)

The menus are just completely excellent. Some great use of the menu structure to mimic the LCARS interface. Very, very nice.

So basically so far everything is either good, great, or flawed due to no fault of the editor.

But I do have to give thumbs down to the removal of Ben Sisko’s experience with The Prophets. I feel it negatively affects the episode on two levels.

One, the continuity oddity that CBB mentions in the notes above. (ie: We have no information as to how Sisko got back to the runabout and out of the wormhole, or what happened between him and Gul Dukat in the Gamma Quadrant that led to him tractoring Dukat’s ship back home.)

The other reason is that now Sisko’s emotional arc does not exist. There is no exploration as to why Sisko changes his mind and decides to stay on DS9.

The removal of that plot strand aside, a recommended edit. Just don’t let anyone watch it as their first experience with the series. ;)
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