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TV-to-Movie August 14, 2012 1318
(Updated: September 15, 2012)
Review by ab5tract — February 15, 2010 @ 6:13 pm

Excellent work here by CBB. The widescreen treatment has a huge effect on viewability for me, as a 4:3 production always feels like watching a TV show (unless its an old film shot in that aspect). The DS9 pilot is one of my favorites, so it was great to revisit it in this refreshing new way. In terms of continuity, there is only really even one audio switch (accompanying a commercial interlude, no doubt) that felt out of place. Other than that I found the editing to be flawless.

I’ve given this a 10/10 because that’s just how much better the viewing experience is in widescreen. (Didn’t see any of these insurmountable issues mentioned by jjrdias myself).
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