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Review by Ripplin — August 24, 2007 @ 10:40 pm

I must say, when I first saw that someone had edited Star Trek V, all I could think of were A) the rock climbing scenes, B) some little kid I knew giggling at a three-breasted woman in a bar, C) Spock’s crazy (and “is he really necessary?”) brother named Sybok and his search for God, and D) the shuttlecraft crash. But why did any of these things happen? I couldn’t say, as it was far from the most memorable movie to me.

Having said that, this project really intrigued me, and I basically watched “In Thy Image” with a clean slate. I must say, the concept really worked! It certainly does feel like a classic episode and is quite enjoyable. (The only thing that didn’t feel TOS about it was some of the language, but that couldn’t be helped.) There is a fun feel to it, and having some of the old sound effects in there, combined with some of the fun lines that were retained give a nice feel to it.

Well done, sir, and we look forward to future offerings!
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