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The bad:
DVD is not anamorphic, Image looks funny on widescreen TVs. (I ended up ripping the DVD, cropping the image, and re-encoding a disc of my own.)

The good:
Apparently, everyone loves wrath of Khan. It's supposed to be the film that saved star trek. I was born after the classic Trek era. I grew up with TNG. The first Star Trek movie I remember seeing in theatres was First Contact.

Compared to First Contact, WOK is slow and boring (with a glaring continuity error right in the opening). It's not a bad film, it has a lot of redeeming qualities. There is a lot of dramatic irony, the plot is good, the characters are dynamic. It makes for an excellent study in technically proficient storytelling, but it was never a lot of fun for me. (Also, Ricardo Montalbán is the biggest Ham in the universe, right?)

This edit... well it made the film fun. The story moves more quickly, there is mystery and tension. Shatner seems like a great actor. What little we se of Khan makes him tolerable (even enjoyable). Also, the continuity problems have been amended.

On the whole, a fantastic edit. My go to copy of WOK.

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