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A very cool edit, even though less Ricardo Montalbán means less of his impressive performance, but this is not the goal of this edit.
Perdition’s Flames really feels like a great two-episode finale of a star trek tv-season and if they would have presented a story like this in the star trek series it would have definately become a legendary entry.
With cutting the Khan scenes out and just focusing on Kirk the story progresses without many of the redundancies that the original suffers. The scene with Chekov discovering Khan’s vessel is a great opening and bionicbob manages to make it feel like a tv-opening, everything is there, the captain’s log voiceover as the starship flies by ending with the beaming sound of the away mission, there are dramatic fadeouts and fade-ins, one very very cliffhangery freeze frame
with about half an hour cut this is a very quick and exciting ride. it doesn’t replace wrath of khan, this was never the intention it just gives us a new take on an old classic
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