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I disagree with a previous reviewer that this was the “Star Trek V” of the TNG films. In my book, “Insurrection” takes that honor. It was much more an extended tv episode as opposed to a feature film.

With that said I really enjoyed “Nemesis – Recut”. All the BS is cut and the film now skips along at a nice pace. It never drags and remains interesting throughout. Is it a great film? No, but then one can only do so much with the source material.

Two things I would like to see if Suizo ever decides to revisit this project: cut the final scene with B4 leaving Data’s death more tragic, and try to incorporated the deleted scene. With the Blu-Ray out now, that scene might be of higher quality and matting a star-field onto the green screen might be easier.

I did notice a few stutters of the picture quality, most noticeably in the very beginning and the end. Some other shots were a little soft, but nothing that was distracting. The audio is stereo and I really would have liked a 5.1 mix.

Overall I give this 7 stars.

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