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Review by flyboy707 — June 24, 2010 @ 10:35 pm

I consider this movie (not the edit, but the original) to be the “Star Trek V” of the Next Generation movies. It’s chock full of silly humor, poor acting and dialogue, actions not in line with the established characters. I really was not sure if a regular “scene edit” of this movie was really going to make it any better.

Having said that, I completely agree with every single edit that El Diablo Suizo has made. It is as though he personally asked me what should be removed from this movie. Gone is nearly everything that irritated me about ST Nemesis. In fact, I might have removed a little bit more.

Unfortunately, removal of so much of the silliness, bad jokes and goofy action, has made this movie very slow. With the exception of a few short scenes, this edit somewhat drags on in mediocrity and slow exposition for the first 41 minutes. El Diablo Suizo is spot on with his edits, but because the source material is so weak, the edit tends to be slow paced initially. Contradictorily, I still prefer this edit to the original.

Technically, El Diablo Suizo has created a great edit. Perfect cuts. Excellent scene to scene cohesion and the audio (dialogue, effects etc) follows it perfectly. Only one small spot, about 27 minutes into the edit, was there a very small “hard audio” cut. It is the scene with Data, Picard, Geordi and the Doctor discussion the theleron (sp?) particles. Data looks at a med screen with the particles displayed, for about 3 seconds, and then the scene cuts to Shinzon (sp?) on his ship. It seemed like the music kicked in a little abruptly. A minor contention. Everything else is perfect.

Audio 5/5 Video 5/5 Edit skills 5/5

I gave this edit 8 stars only because the movie is so slow paced that first 41 minutes. Again, not truly the fault of El Diablo Suizo. He cut what I as an audience wanted. The source material is just that weak and he wasn’t left with much to work with. Still, this edit is well worth the D/L because I found it to much more watchable than the original. I didn’t “wince” once through the entire edit.

***After thought: maybe this movie could be much better served/improved as an “episode” edit. What I mean is, maybe editing this like the “In Thy Own Image” or “V’Ger” edits. Throw in TNG original sound effects, music, scenes etc. Just a thought. *****
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