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Trek very often likes to pull a "twisted" tale or two where the main characters act out of step with how we conventionally know them...sometimes they would recycle this a lot, so here Warlord takes a couple of examples of that, merging several episodes where Captain Kirk behaves more aggressively and strangely and integrates them against the backdrop of one of the franchise's most daring and timeless episodes in 'Mirror, Mirror'. These borrowed scenes add greater detail to things that Mirror Mirror left somewhat unseen during it's running time and explains things a lot clearer. Sometimes the best stories are the ones you get to tell in your head while all the official action is unfolding on the always wonder 'just what is going on, on that other side of the mirror?', this provides an answer, as well as takes the best scenes out of otherwise dissatisfying episodes. Experiance a longer and more engaging episode of classic trek.
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