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Review by Kevinicus — September 6, 2010 @ 6:03 am

I didn’t know about this edit until about a week ago, and just watched it today. I always thought Generations was my favorite Star Trek of the Next Gen batch, and I think I remembered it a lot better than it really was. I was curious about this fanedit, because I thought the ending would be a little difficult to work around, and wanted to see how it was handled.

My concerns were confirmed when it got to the climax. While it’s not done too bad, it was pretty noticeable to me. Also, the fade effect thing to get out of the Nexus, while it technically works, just came across a little iffy to me.

Really, removing Kirk didn’t do anything for me since I never really minded him much to begin with, and I felt something was missing with all the references to the older Enterprise. There were however a lot of parts (particularly with Data) that I found myself wishing had been removed.

Overall it’s okay, and the movie being a lot cheesier than I remember doesn’t help. Perhaps it’s the stark contrast to the most recent Star Trek that makes this a pretty bad movie in comparison.
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