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It is strange going back to an old edit which has become sort of a cult-fanedit. if something like this exists.
It is strange because the incredible progress this site has made and how the quality has increased drastically. I am pretty sure if boon would go back there would be different choices - especially smoother decisions for the story to flow - but how do you judge the edit itself?

Before this site has exploded so enormously Kirkless Generations was one of the highlights of the site but now the edits are a bit easier to spot, there are one or two instances of slowing down the scenes that stand out and the afforementioned timetravel aspect is a bit jarring...

then again writing this review I feel like a teenager going back to a black and white movie and trashing it for not having up to date special effects. so this edit should best be enjoyed as a landmark for fanediting.

if there will ever be a "historical fanedits" category kirkless generations will have a spot
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