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This edit is a delight. I have seen this movie countless times by now, so the opportunity to watch it again with a fresh coat of paint was a wonderful gift.

However, I'd warn my fellow nerds that such extreme familiarity can also hurt the experience, as certain additions might feel strange or jarring because you are so used to the brisk pace of the original film. There are also certain minor additions, such as the new introduction of the Reliant, that feel wholely unnecessary, and there are one or two VFX additions that are demonstrably worse than what was first created back in the early 1980s.

That said, I don't think the intention of this edit was necessarily to craft the "best" version of this film, but rather to give a showcase to the dozens of fan-made VFX done over the years. In that respect, I think Wrath of Khan Redux is a complete success. And it will no doubt be used as the jumping off point for further fan edits that might chip away at some of the more awkward or superfluous additions to create an even more refined version of what is still the greatest Star Trek film to date.

I cannot recommend this edit enough to fans of Star Trek. It was clearly made with love and affection. The final battle in the nebula is the true stand-out here. My jaw was on the floor for a lot of it. Again, being able to see something so familar with fresh eyes is such a gift.

My sincere thanks to Wrath and all involved. Excellent work!

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December 06, 2022
I don't think it's so much a matter of it being strange, rather it's more that that certain additions stutter because of the incompatible frame rates. A stutter here or there is fine, but it's pretty noticeable in many shots. I've seen a lot of these clips on youtube, but they don't all translate well when they have to be resampled.
(Updated: December 06, 2022) December 06, 2022
I couldn't have said it better, bored-at-300am. It wasnt meant to be the perfect version. More of a what if...Bravo!
2 results - showing 1 - 2