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Agreeing with Possessed's synopsis, Star Trek: Generations is a pretty underwhelming film. Sure, I can name worse Star Trek films than Generations, but as a crossover for both original and Next-Gen fans, it's not very good. So as someone who was born to a family that owned every episode of TNG on VHS, I also wanted to see a version of Generations that is, if not great, at least decent. And if I'm judging this edit on that level, it works.

No, this edit isn't a magical fixer-upper. Captain Kirk still doesn't get enough screentime (A problem I'm not sure even the best editors could fix, although the shorter runtime helps). The Data subplot can still be a little hokey, even with the improvements made. And the overly fan service-y tone is still unavoidable. But at the very least, this edit is better executed. And maybe that's all we can ask for with this particular film. I still see the flaws, but if I had to choose, I will gladly take this over the original any day.

The setup has been improved and made shorter, which is good because the original tried to dumb things down for the less intelligent among us, and I'm glad to see that stuff minimized. The faster pacing that Possessed highlights is noticable, but in a good way. And I think the changes make this edit just a tad darker, which is great for the moments when the film deals with Picard's family.

I should also note that this is the first edit I've ever watched from Possessed, and I have to say that, from a technical standpoint, the guy has talent. Most of the cuts made are invisible, and I only noticed two small changes in total while watching this edit. I always respect a fan editor who is willing to do whatever it takes to make his/her cuts invisible, and it's a standard I always set for myself. So I have a lot of respect when other faneditors take the time to make things appear seamless. And this edit did a very good job at masking the seams.

Overall, Possessed has turned a mediocre Star Trek film into a good Star Trek film. It's not my favorite fanedit ever, but it is worth a watch. And if nothing else, I'm curious to see Possessed's other edits now.

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