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(Updated: May 06, 2013)
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I am a big fan of both the original Star Trek show and the Starship Troopers film, so when i saw there was a fanedit that crossed both over, i was weary of the mashing up of both. It's safe to say that this mix of both was surprisingly good and a refreshing idea.

There was a noticeable difference in quality both audio wise and visually between the ST: TOS footage and the Starship Troopers footage, since there was a 30 year difference. The editor also reused some of the footage from Starship Troopers in certain places, but i would expect that from a low budget show like Star Trek, so i was willing to go with it. The only real major problem i had was the Starship Troopers footage seemed to be squished, as if it weren't properly cropped. Maybe some re-editing would help with some of the rough edges.

I was also surprised the DVD came with a short film called "Nazi's In Space" with making of/outtakes and a trailer for Time Messerschmitt. The short was a interesting watch and a neat addition.

Since both Star Trek: The Original Series and the Starship Troopers trilogy are now on Blu-Ray, i would love the editor to come back or have another editor to redo this fanedit done in the style of the blu-ray releases of the original series, and be able to switch between the original effects and the enhanced effects. It would help smooth out some of my complaints.

If i had to recommend this edit, i would. Simply because its an interesting watch.

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