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(Updated: January 07, 2023)
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I wish I had something to complain about and beast out on a star or two, but any niggles I have are resulting from necessity to work around a lack of original footage and a Hollywood studio. Its just unfair to criticise what are in fact the hard parts to pull off.

Even a slight gripe over the point of the Star Beast trailer I saw not being fully represented in this fan-edit turns out to be over a positive aspect of the movie. Whereas I was wondering at the viability of overt sexual violence and the presence of non-cast naked women in showers - Gieferg delivers entirely appropriate covert voyuer activity with affect to acute subversion of the main characters. Combining this debauched undertone with the choppy semi-abstracted scene progression carried along beautifully by the well picked music Alien becomes a rip-roaring flood of gaffs interspersed with chilled observance of a bunch of goons falling headlong into the nightmare that awaits them. Quite an achievement given the source metarial. Removal of the layer of tension lays bare the underlying absurdities.

I do love the way this fan-editor does their Grindhousing. It looks like alot of effort goes into the application of every luminar distortion, skippy projection, and that obligatory frizzle. Really good shots are left undisturbed, while things are livened up by the degraded film standards. Indeedy.

All in all this is a solid contribution to the Alien franchise. Here's looking to 'Star Beasts'!!!

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