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This was my first grindhoused film, not grindhouse, but a film made into a grindhouse film. I know the Alien film quite well. Have seen it numerous times and consider it one of my all time favorite films. This edit is another beast entirely.

The edit starts with a couple grindhouse-style trailers. They were hilarious and those alone could be considered a great fanedit worthy of awards. They also set the mood and tone for the rest of the edit, and so are a wonderfully thought out editing technique by Gieferg.

The film grain, color grading, and projector faults on the screen are spot on. And the music just builds on that grungy aesthetic and atmosphere that feels authentic, mostly. More on that later.

The narrative takes a wild turn. SPOILER: What's a grindhouse film without a rape scene? I laughed out loud at the absurdity several times but I know that is intended. Alien is turned into a cheesy drive-in b movie. I should have watched this edit with several buddies. It's perfect for playing in the background at a party.

What an edit. An acid trip in space. The post credits scene solidly the hilarity that is this edit. Don't miss it.


Issues I had:
I think the Lenny Kravitz song fits, after much consideration though it did release in 1998. The lyrics are perfect and the funky style it has is already felt in the rest of the edit's music, but a cover or instrumental (timeless) version could possibly fit better I bet.

The Michael Jackson track on the other hand was off putting to me and doesn't fit.

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