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FanFix March 04, 2022 4786
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Star Beast takes Alien and transforms it into something else entirely.

Very well edited, video and audio. The grindhouse effects are well executed and varied considerably throughout - it's not just a generic constant effect, and it's also not overdone. Clearly a lot of consideration went into it. The quality is actually very good (high bitrate), which I prefer, and it doesn't hurt the grindhouse effect at all. The rescore makes this feel like a completely different film, with a number tracks in particular standing out - you'll know when you watch it. Those two ending tracks! Amazing.

Some additional footage I'd never seen before has been added during several scenes, including at iconic moments, which was great to see. These slid into the edit well (better than they would've in an EE) because of the fact that the whole film is grindhoused. Not a big fan of the original Alien but was very curious to see what Gieferg would do with this and he doesn't disappoint. It just gets better and better the longer it goes. Very imaginative work, with a number of sources having been used here to achieve the desired story alterations, as well as additional bits of dialogue. That ending was something else! And it's also hilarious at times too. Star Beast is everything you expect from FanMix and more.

Note: due to some... interesting additions, this is not a family friendly edit - adults only ;)
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